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Mar. 27th, 2016 05:46 pm
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» Sans

What's weirder than finding a family in a pun loving depressed magic skeleton? No, really.

» Wanda Maximoff

Very reliable and a little bit terrifying. and very beautiful.
code by barbarycoast

» Elizabeth DeWitt

Former Roommate. Excellent taste in books, questionable taste in Russians.

» Miles Vorkosigan

Spacebook status: It's Complicated. (10/10 would make out with under questionable circumstances again)

» Kazuhira Miller

Possibly offered to fight a war for him. How is your father complex these days, Lara?

» Ratchet
(Ratchet & Clank)

Got arrested and broke out of jail with. Good times, very handy in a pinch.

» Tyler Preman

Very reliable and excellent to have in a crisis. Possibly ought to stop dragging him into said crisis.

» Alice Quinn
(The Magicians)

Seems a bit mad. And a lot clever. Also a bit cute.

» Tailgate/font>
(IDW Transformers)

Not entierly sure how trustworthy he is, but he's very sweet.

» Lady Aurelia Hammerlock

A crazy, heinous witch that Lara is in no way attracted to at all.

» Black Box(BB)

Strikes her a bit arrogant, but also a super advanced AI, so he might have a claim to it.

» Revolver Ocelot

The sort of man everyone warns their children about that no one actually warned Lara about.

» Frisk

A sweet and determined kid that Lara worries about a lot.

» Megatron
(IDW Transformers)

Former warlord, current fellow book club member.

» Jim "Bucky" Barnes
(Marvel 616)

MID number written in the girl's bathroom under CALL FOR A GOOD TIME.

» Big Boss

Current roommate. Not a bad sort when he's not going through her things and doing things that could lead to Miller's death.

» J.M. Austen
(All About J)

Enigmatic, lovely and a bit rude. Tries to stop by the bar whenever she's singing.

» Chara

It's always a little awkward when you recognize parts of yourself in a violently genocidal 10 year old.

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An ongoing personal record of the events occurring during time aboard the Moira.

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IC Inbox

Dec. 28th, 2015 07:48 pm
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This Is Lara, leave a message after the beep.

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Savrou App

Dec. 18th, 2015 10:15 pm
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Player Name: Caitlin
Are you 16 or older: Yah
Contact: Plurk is thatoneblonde
Current Characters: nah.
Tag: lara croft

Name:  Lara Croft
Canon: Tomb Raider (2013)
Canon Point: At the end of the game just before the survivors are picked up by a cargo rig.
Age: 21

History: The Early Years and Lara Croft's No Good Very Bad Day

It's hard to define a person who is, in one breath, a mostly normal individual and, in another, on the cusp of becoming something else.  "Growth" isn't the right word, but it's apt.  The person Lara is now is not the same one she was when she first set out on the Endurance, but that person still had to come from somewhere.

So the foundation:

Lara Croft is an academic.  Raised in part by her father and in part by her surrogate father, Roth, but mostly by herself, she is an introvert and an independent.  A bright, inquisitive mind, balanced by a level headed nature and calm pragmatism.  She believes in Facts, the ones that she knows lay behind the mysticism of legends (but what to do with the myths that are facts?  She'll stumble over it when she's not fighting for her life).  She's very good with books and research and the physical act of archaeology.  

People are a bit different.  She likes them, she's competent at reading them.  She's a normal, generally friendly young woman with an exceptionally out going best friend to help break the ice and bring her out of her shell, but still people are an unpredictable variable, something to approach with caution.  People are both a danger and a liability.  Therefore, it's better to go it alone.  People can't die if they're not around you.  Roth told her she didn't know what it was to sacrifice, but that she knew plenty about loss.  "Loss is what happens, sacrifice you choose."  He meant it as a way to keep her from running to save another (inevitably doomed) person, when she threw it back in his face.  

"I can't choose to let him die."  It's a choice she still hasn't made.  Mostly because the people around her keep making it for her.  The lesson imparted instead is one of personal sacrifice or "insane cultists generally deserve a pick axe in the face."  But that's a new layer.  So again, the foundation:

Lara Croft is dedicated.  When she commits, she does so with her entire self.  Is it easy paying your way through college?  No, but she said she would, so she did.  Is it easy to rescue your best friend from a cult of stranded survivors driven mad and turned to violence?  No.  But she said she would, so she did.  Survival is a shockingly easy thing to commit to, once you get started on it, even if that survival means brutally killing a number of (from a perhaps biased point of view) deserving people.  It would be easy to just lay down and die.  There are any number of people who would and Lara certainly wouldn't fault them for it, but...  She can't.  She has promises she must keep, there are things to be done and really, she's fine.  It's only a torn muscle, a bullet wound, a cracked rib, another concussion.  Tighten the bandage, take a breath and keep moving. 

Still she's careful, the risks she must take are life threatening enough as is.  It's better to sneak, better to keep from the inevitable fire fight away as long as possible.  The floor will fall out from under her any moment, so better to remain calm for as long as possible, take a moment to choke on her fear and the stench of the long dead corpses surrounding her.  Still she's kind, though as easily as when she was only a normal person and not a survivor.  On the foundation of the person she was has grown something harder, someone that can not only survive, but do it as violently well as the next.  Still, she's never cruel, even when Mathias throws it in her face how alike they are, how they're both survivors doing what they must.  She'll carry the weight of the people who died because of her.  She'll remember everything that happened all the way into her bones, so she won't forget, even the things that are impossible to explain.  

And she most certainly wouldn't start sacrificing every other girl in a trial by literal fire. 

Abilities/Skills: She's multilingual and can if not exactly, then at least roughly decipher ancient Earth languages.  She has practical experience in Archeology as well as extensive study of ancient Earth cultures.  She's in peak physical condition, with gymnastics training.  She has some first aid experience, especially after Yamatai, with improvised field aid.  She's a solid shot and a fair fighter, though exclusively in armed combat against people that are trying really hard to kill her.  She's very resourceful and clever with making what she had work and improving upon it, like strapping a grenade launcher to a shotgun.

- Peak physical conditioning and a horrifyingly high pain tolerance
- Resourceful
- Talented and intelligent researcher and academic
- Resilient and independent
- Commits
- Calm and quick to respond in a crisis 

- PTSD and Survivor's guilt like whoa.
- Stubborn
- Commits to the point of obsession
- Increasingly casual acceptance of gruesome violence and committing it.
- Lara No Man Left Behind Except They All Keep Dying Trying to Help, So Let Me Just Do This All Myself Croft

- A blue tank top layered over a white tank top, sturdy pants and boots, all filthy, torn and/or blood stained.
- Her "first real find," a jade pendant she found when she was five, hanging from a (Roth's) boot lace.
- a pick axe, pistol, rope and bow and arrows
- a surprisingly durable two way radio

Network Sample: 
[ Guess who wasn't expecting a video feature.  This girl.  Someone's found her a shower and proper medical attention, so she's clean and bandaged, but she still looks like she could use about a week's worth of sleep.  Skipping the marveling over technology and straight to slightly awkward. ]

Ah.  Is it working?  Hello, I'm Lara. [ A pause where she considers and then immediately rejects waving for the camera.  She offers a slight smile instead. ]  I really don't know anything practical about space.  My field of study is archaeology.  Unless there's a large amount of ancient Earth ruins lying about here, I'm not sure how much help I'll be...

[ She doesn't actually look like she wants to offer any help, mostly just skeptical. ]  Is there anyone here with that kind of experience, or is the process as random as it seems?

[ She hesitates a moment. ]  And...  I know this is a long shot, but if any of the crew of the Endurance can hear this.  Contact me.

Prose/Action Sample: Test Drive Meme


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